Overview of Internet Business Potential in Indonesia

Nowadays Internet has spread everywhere in Indonesia. From the office to residence have a computer with Internet connection. The tariff of the Intenet connection in Indonesia decreases year by year. Today we can enjoy a high speed Internet access connection powered by Telkom with the famous brand in our country, Speedy. Speedy offer high speed Internet access connection to residence user with affordable price. Nowadays everyone who had dream about an affordable price of Internet connection can realize their dream by register Telkom Speedy services that offered by PT. Telkom Indonesia, Tbk.

With Internet, we can Introduce ourself in Internet. If we have a business, we can offer it to anyone in the world by the Internet. Without worry about distance, country, or geographical boundaries. All can be happened by the Internet. It is possible to us, to sell our product worldwide across the countries without worrying about the geographical boundaries.

If I have much time, I want to make some bussiness over the Internet. I want to make an Investment company. A company that collect money from everybody and raise the value then give it back to the people who have join this program. I believe this idea will be success because some people that has so much money or a lot of idle money didn’t have any idea to multiply their money with safely and reliable programme. Some people was cheated with a lot of investment programme over the Internet called HYIP ( High Yield Investment Program ). With my new strategy, I will make them happy with multiply their money in my Investment Programme. Here is my plan for this bussiness.

I will give name of the company with S3-Investment.com. S3 means Safe, Secure, and Solid. I will collect money from people around the world which attracted to multiply their idle money in investment programme. Before I collect money from them, I will make some questionare to know how they prepareness about the risk in investment. I didn’t want dissapointed them because High Return Investment also have High Risk Lose their value of investment but with a good strict Risk Management runned by my company, I believe my company can minimize the risk and maximize the profit to the investor. We called investor to people whose join this programme. For the operational of my company, I will make some administration fee about 20% from the capital their deposit into S3-investment.com.

And how about the initial deposit of investor money ? I will use some electronic currencies such as Liberty Reserve, Pecunix, E-gold, also Web Money. With this currency the investor can deposit or withdraw their capital easily into my company. The investor can buy some electronic currencies in some e-currency broker over the Internet. For the example is : sentraegold.com, fastchanger.com, egoldindonesia.com, or search the qualified and trusted e-currencies in the most famous Indonesian forum over the Internet, kaskus.com. They will be instructed by the e-currencies broker to transfer some money into the e-currencies broker Bank Account. After the money receive by the broker, the broker will be deposit the investor e-currency account by some amount of balance according to the amount of money that investor was transferred. When the investor has some balance of money in their e-currency account, the investor can deposit their money easily into my company e-currency account. While the fund received, the investor will get some announcement via website and email about their deposited money and the investment plan that they choose before.

The collected money from the investor will be use for Online Foreign Exchange trading and Online International Stocks Trading. With a reliable internet connection, famous brand of IT infrastructure, and some employee that has a lot of many years experience about Forex Online Trading and Stocks Online Trading, I believe we can grab some high gain profit and low risk of capital loss. I’m very sure about this because my company run some policy about strict Risk Management to assure investor capital deposited.

For Foreign Exchange Online Trading, we only trading in five major currencies such as : Poundsterling ( GBP – Great Britain Pound ), US Dolar ( USD ) , Yen ( JPY – Japanese Yen ), EUR ( Euro ) and AUD ( Australian Dollar ).

This money will be traded 24 hours from Monday 04.00 AM until Saturday 04.00 AM ( Indonesian Local Time West Region ). For this trading, my company will be hire some Forex Online Trading Expert divided into three times of work shift.

For Stocks Online Trading also have the same way with Forex Online Trading. In Stocks Online Trading we trade the money in some International Stocks Market such as : Nasdaq, Hangseng, and Nikei.

When my company have a lot profit from this bussiness, I want to make some expansion of my bussiness in agriculture. I want to open some land in Kalimantan or Sumatera Island to make sawit plantation that can produce sawit oil to cook some food in the kitchen. I hope someday my dream about this will be reality.

By: Prehatanto